About Us

Danmi Food delivers delicious dreams.

Danmee Food is making healthy and delicious food that everyone can enjoy as the only multicolored cheese brand in Korea. Rainbow Cube Cheese, Korea's first frozen cheese produced in the form of ice, is the only potion cheese brand in Korea to be verified through certifications including manufacturing patents, trademarks, HACCP certification, and ISO22000 certification.

Management Philosophy

Safe food made using certified raw materials in a clean environment

Challenge Spirit

Satisfy various needs and personalities of consumers to understand new trends with constant efforts and innovations.


Develop a new technology and
cultures for being contributing
company for everyone.

Basic Ideology

Thinking of customers’ value,
and providing satisfactory
products with passion.


We are providing great amount of opportunities to produce qualified and trusted products by systems of own management and own-built production lanes.


We are eager to make best system model world-widely, by continuous R&D and higher goals.


We put all the efforts and aggressively investing for our evolutionary steps with own know-how to satisfy consumers with basic matters.

Company Gallery

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